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Zoom Bosk Men's Quilted Gilet - Black
Zoom Bosk Men's Quilted Gilet - Black

Bosk Men's Quilted Gilet - Black

$165.00 USD
  • Rear/Inner sleeve Fabric Content: 86%Nylon+14%Spandex
  • Inside Fabric Content: 84%Nylon+16%Spandex
  • Front/Sleeve Fabric Content : 100%Nylon
  • Sandwiching Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
  • Product Weight: 200g±5g
  • Temperature Range:0-10℃ / 32ºF-50ºF
  • Made of durable nylon material, it has excellent anti splashing performance and can maintain relative dryness even in light rain or fog, providing a comfortable experience.
  • The breathable back panel can effectively dissipate heat during high-intensity riding, and the interior is antibacterial and brushed, aiming to maintain a clean and hygienic environment after long-term cycling.
  • Using the quilting process, the lightweight 3M Thinsulate insulation cotton is tightly sewn with the fabric, with a small air chamber that effectively isolates heat and energy loss. Good softness and breathability can maintain a dry and comfortable wearing experience for a long time.
  • Exquisite small standing collar design fits the body, cares for the warmth of the neck, brings a comfortable wearing experience, and is simple and low-key.
  • YKK zipper with double opening design facilitates temperature adjustment during cycling. The wind deflector placket effectively prevents wind infiltration and provides warmer care for autumn and winter cycling.
  • 3CM anti slip webbing at the back hem effectively prevents slipping on cycling clothes, making cycling wear more stable.
  • Three pockets on the back provide a large amount of storage space, with an anti drop feature designed to securely store valuable items.
  • Vertical reflective strips on both sides of the back pocket can improve visibility under low light conditions and ensure safety during night sports.
  • The exquisite and beautiful sewing process makes the edges of cycling clothes smoother and more concise, providing a more beautiful and comfortable experience.
  • Hand wash cold
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • The rubbing of some fabrics with zippers, Velcro, backpacks or other accessories may cause pilling during use or washing, which is not considered as a product defect.

Bosk Men's Quilted Gilet - Black

$165.00 USD

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